The Choirs of the Parish St. Magdalena, Herzogenaurach


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The choirs of St. Magdalena are composed of 7 choirs with singers of all ages, from pre-school age of 5 years up to adulthood. With five children´s choirs and youth choirs (about 150 girls and boys) we have a goodly number of young singers. Our adult choir has another 60 members. Such a big number of trained singers may be exceptional within the archbishopric of Bamberg. This is the result of sound choir rehearsals and excercises with a wide and attractive repertoire of church music literature and general world music literature.

The choirs are conducted by Toni Rotter, who is the choir master and organist of our parish St. Magdalena.

Pre-school children are playfully introduced, and are supported in a seperate "mini-group" lead by the music teachers María-José Loza and Mirjana Burzlaff.

Having at their disposal mixed voices in several choirs, our singers have a repertoire of sacred music, modern gospels, pop songs as well as folk songs. They give concerts for “choir and orchestra” as for instance the Mass in D major by W. A. Mozart, the Requiem by W. A. Mozart, the Mass of St. Cecily by Ch. Gounod, the Magnificat and Mass of the children by J. Rutter and the Christmas Oratorio by J. S. Bach. The choir is accompanied by members of the Nürnberger Symphoniker, Bamberger Symphoniker or the Caecilia Kammerorchester of Karlovy Vary / Czech Republic. They give a gospel concert at St. Magdalena and in other churches of our region every year.

We are always glad about new singers. If you are interested and have abilities in singing you may just stop by. Our rehearsals take place at St. Magdalena's parish center, Kirchenplatz 4, Herzogenaurach once a week.